Balmain x H&M

After a couple hours trying to get onto the website to see the much anticipated BALMAIN x H&M collection I am very impressed. After seeing all the teaser videos and promo’s on Instagram there was a lot of built up excitement.

As an 18 year old still in high school my budget you can imagine is nothing to get excited about and I’m not going to pretend that this collection is in my price range, however there are a few pieces that are affordable for me, such has a simple black Balmain logo T-shit for R300 and a few other accessories in the hundreds, which for a designer collection is very impressive. From what I can tell and from what expect the clothes are of a high quality. Balmain has been a well respected high fashion to street style brand since the early 1900’s (1914 to be specific). Olivier Rousteing who took over as the head designer at Balmain in 2011 was fairly unknown in the designer world but has had a rise to fame with his adaptation of the Balmain aesthetic and is becoming a very well known and respected designer.

After looking through every piece in the collaboration with H&M I can say I want almost all of it. Below is a spread of some of my favourite pieces that I think could be incorporated into many looks and can very easily become wardrobe staples. They all have a classic and timeless nature that make the collection so wearable and ‘worth-the-cost’.



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