Morning Wishes

Sometime in my life I would love to wake up, put on a face mask, read a good book and right down some thoughts, ideas or just doodle, but the reality is I’m in my last year of High School which means waking up doing homework, running around finishing projects and studying for tests and exams…

My advice to any Matriculates is to just keep reminding yourself it’s only a few months out of your life, just push through, the end is near. Try to take in every moment because there are going to be lots of lasts this year. You will be able to do all the things you want to very soon, but for this year just try to stay focused on school, it seems like it will never end but it will and then you’re “free”.

A lot easier said than done but it’s what I keep reminding myself. Hopefully this helps you stay motivated if you are ending your school career.



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