Today I was in desperate need of a face mask. My skin has been acting out, probably because I have been wearing more makeup more often and generally that’s not good for the skin. I have used this face mask many times and it has always left my skin feeling smooth and like all my pores have been cleaned out (it’s a great feeling, trust me) so this seemed like the perfect thing to use. I also scrubbed it off using another lush product (sea salt scrub) which gave my skin the extra attention that it so badly needed. I highly recommend this routine maybe once a week or two weeks if your skin is very bad and I will keep you updated if it works like I’m hoping it will.

The mask is made from mainly blueberries and other very natural environmental friendly elements which is always comforting as I have very sensitive skin and I care about the planet so it’s a win win situation. It is called Catastrophe which is very relevant in my case as my skin is a bit of a catastrophe at the moment. I leave the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes, and unlike other masks that make your face tingle and sometimes hurt this one is very soothing and gentle. You also don’t need very much to cover your face and mixing it with a bit of water helps it go further as it is quite a thick consistency.

IMG_3342 IMG_3346 IMG_3371


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