Winter Doings

Winter holidays are something I cherish and look forward to for weeks, however when they finally arrive I can’t seem to find anything to do because the thought of getting out of bed and bracing the cold temperatures is something torturous and takes a lot of self motivation to make happen. BUT I am not going to let weather stop me from relaxing, getting things done and making the most of my holiday.

Over the next couple weeks I am going to be sharing what I get up to during these winter days and how I make the most of them.

On the weekend I was extremely busy making the most of my ID which now actually means something since I just turned 18, but with all the late nights comes huge bags under the eyes, dead hair from all the straightening and skin which has seen better days.

Now that it is Monday (a day I usually dread as it is the beginning of the school week) I am going to start the week off right by pampering myself and taking care of my body.

I started the day with a run….jog…okay it was a basically a walk with short intervals of fast passed strides, but it’s better than nothing. I then made myself an iced-coffee and put together a playlist on Spotify. I got out all my magazines, picked out some nail polish and chose some of my coziest socks.

I also bought a new journal so I can keep track of my schedule and plan my days so no time is wasted, which I think is an essential as when the end of the holidays arrives the worst thing that can happen is regretting not getting anything done.

IMG_3248 IMG_3260


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